The Father of Industrial Design

Raymond Loewy

Christmas Chaos On The Riviera

From Laurence Loewy’s personal journal:

“Every Christmas I looked forward to my father taking me ice skating at Rockefeller Center and my dear Godmother Helen Barnhart taking me shopping at Macy’s. To a little girl with high hopes, 1963 was no exception.

So you can imagine my disappointment upon hearing Dad was flying the family to St. Tropez for the holidays. After a busy fall schedule, Dad needed some downtime to recharge at his seaside retreat. During the winter months St. Tropez was a sleepy fishing village with a small artists colony.

My sprits were lifted upon arrival when our good friend and next-door neighbor Bridget Bardot greeted us, along with her pack of wild poodles. Bridget was a breath of fresh air, the first free spirit I had ever known. Bridget would allow her poodles to run free, usually through our beach house, to the great displeasure of my father. To my shear delight, our normally well-behaved toy poodles joined in the chaos that ensued for two weeks.

That was the Christmas Dad taught me how to make a blueberry cheesecake and inadvertently taught me how to properly curse for stressful occasions. I’ll always remember one colorful night when Bridget stopped by to round up several stray dogs. She stayed for two slices of cheesecake, coffee, cigarettes, and my father’s sincerest apologies.”

Laurence Loewy 2001

Loewy's Blueberry Topped Cheesecake

12 ounces softened cream cheese

3⁄4 cup sugar, divided usage

2 eggs

1 honey graham pie shell, ready crust 9"

1 tablespoon cornstarch

1⁄2 cup water

2 cups, fresh blueberries, washed and drained

1) Preheat oven and baking sheet to 350 degrees.

2) In a bowl, beat cream cheese, 1⁄2 cup sugar and eggs until smooth and well blended.

3) Pour into piecrust and bake for 30 minutes or until filling is firm.

4) In a small saucepan, combine remaining sugar and cornstarch. Add water, stirring until smooth.

5) Cook and stir over medium heat until thickened and bubbly; remove from heat and stir in blueberries. Spread blueberry mixture evenly over warm filling.

6) Refrigerate 3 hours or until ready to serve.

Serves 8

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